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How to Clean & Prep Cauliflower for Use During The Week

I love meal prepping and it's one of the things that I practice myself and also encourage some of my clients to.

Meal Prep is a simple concept where you prep certain meals or ingredients in advance to save time. It makes healthy eating easier, more efficient and budget-friendly.

Ever since the pandemic, most of us have little to no help, so it becomes really challenging at times to manage everything from work to kids to managing household chores.

Simple, basic meal prep like this really helps me simplify my life on those busy weeknights.

My kids love Roasted Cauliflower and Tandoori Spiced Broccoli but cleaning and prepping Cauliflower/ broccoli just before using it in a recipe can be time consuming, especially when you are trying to get dinner ready on a busy work day. I usually clean and prep these veggies in advance. This way, on a weeknight, all I have to do is, pull it out of the fridge and add it to whatever recipe it is that I'm making. I hope this tip helps you simplify your life too.

How to clean & use Cauliflower for use during the week

1️⃣ Remove the florets and place them in a bowl.

2️⃣ Add water, just enough to drown the florets

3️⃣ Add 1 tbsp of salt and a splash or two of vinegar

4️⃣ Allow it to sit for few mins. This will kill any germs, insects, bugs, eggs, larvae hiding in those florets.

5️⃣ Discard water and rinse the florets throughly.

6️⃣ Allow the florets to air dry completely

7️⃣ Place them in an air-tight container and use as required

The salt and the vinegar combination is excellent to kill the worms, insects or eggs. Just make sure you leave the cauliflower submerged for a few minutes. This method of cleaning works well for broccoli and cabbage as well.

If you try this, tag me on Instagram, and I'll share your meal prep 💖

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