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Immune Boosting Tea

An herbal tea to soothe and nourish your body and soul!

Fall season is upon us and I'm really enjoying the crispness in the air. The smoke here in Northern California is finally clearing up and it definitely feels good to breathe in fresh air again.

Unfortunately, fall season also marks the beginning of Flu season. With an ongoing pandemic and 2 young kids at home, I'm relying on lots of hand washing, social distancing and giving my Immune System a boost with my Turmeric Milk and this Immune Boosting Tea.

This Tea is a mandatory Fall/ Winter beverage at our home. It offers an array of anti-oxidants and compounds that help fight inflammation, boost immunity and support overall wellbeing, It may help relieve some of the symptoms of cold and flu like ease a sore throat, reduce congestion and help calm a cough, It is safe for both adults and kids and tastes amazing! My older kid could drink this all day, everyday, if I let him.

I'm a firm believer of 'food is medicine'. So, I'm all about using ingredients in the kitchen to help the body heal itself. Below is the "Science" behind the ingredients used to make this Immune Boosting Tea

GINGER: A powerful anti-inflammatory spice that helps fight inflammation, improves circulation and relieves respiratory distress. You can read more about Ginger here.

CLOVE: Another anti- inflammatory spice that has anti-cancer properties.

CINNAMON: A spice known to lower blood sugar levels and also provides warmth to the body.

HONEY: Bee's gift to mankind. This all-natural sweeter is loaded with anti-oxidants and is known to reduce the onset of sore throat

LEMON: Loaded with Vitamin C, this ingredient not only boosts immunity but also adds a wonderful flavor to the tea.



  • Ginger - 1" piece, chopped

  • Clove - 1

  • Cinnamon- 1 small piece

  • Honey or sweetener of your choice - 1 tsp

  • Slice of lemon or lime

  • Hot water


  • Add the ginger, clove, cinnamon stick to your tea cup

  • Add boiling water and allow it to steep for 3-4 minutes

  • Close the cup with a lid to retain the heat

  • Add honey and mix.

  • Top with a slice of lemon/ lime

  • Sip slowly and enjoy.


  • I like to refill the cup with hot water and allow the spices to infuse the water. This won't be as strong as the first batch though.

  • If you are serving this to kids, make sure it is at kids temperature.

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Disclaimer: Some spices are potent and can interact with certain medications. Be sure to check with your health care provider before incorporating any herbal remedies.

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