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Stair Workouts

Step up your strength and stamina with stairs

We all know that Movement is essential for our over all well-being. Humans are meant to move. From our brain to our joints, moving our body every day works wonders on our physical, emotional and mental health. Whether you sweat it out at the gym or choose to implement small movements into your routine, increasing your daily mobility can help upgrade your overall health.

One of the easiest ways to get your movement in, is by using what is around you. You don't need to go to a gym or buy a bunch of fancy equipment to get some movement or workout in. All you really need is access to stairs and you are good to go!

Benefits of Stair workouts:

A flight of stairs is a great tool that lets you get in a great workout for FREE. It is a great way to get total-body strengthening, cardio, balance & coordination. All you need is your bodyweight and access to stairs.

Gravity plays a very important role when we climb stairs. Walking or running up a flight of stairs places more load on the muscles in your lower body like your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. When you are ascending a flight of stairs, you are basically going against gravity and it is trying to pull you back down. So your muscles have to work extra hard to overcome that resistance.

How to get a great stair workout?

Movement: If you are looking to simply move your body, just go up and down the stairs throughout the day. Aim to go up and down the stairs 20-30 times a day.

Cardio Workout: Go up and down the stairs however many times as you like. The number of stairs don't really matter. If you have few steps, simply go up and down a few more times. You can adjust the pace based on your fitness levels. If you feel tired, take a break for a minute and continue. 15-20 minutes of this is a great way to get your heart rate up.

Bodyweight Strength Training: If you are looking to tone up, add in some strength training moves like planks, lunges, push-ups etc.

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Be sure to hydrate yourself after your workout. If drinking water doesn't excite you, give these infused water recipes a try!!

Stay Safe:

- Stair injuries are one of the most common type of injuries. Be very careful and pay attention to your form and surroundings before you start the ascend.

- Make sure there is no water on the stairs. (This is how I fractured my foot)

- If you are new to stair workouts, hold the railings and start slow.

- Adjust your pace based on your fitness levels

- Take a break if you feel light headed or dizzy.

- If you have a history of knee pain or injury, be sure to check with your doctor first.

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