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Surya Namaskar/ Sun Salutation Challenge - 2021

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Annual Yoga Challenge to begin the year on a healthy note

2020 has finally come to an end. Oh, what a year it has been!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones and indulged a little, mindfully (or so I hope ;) ) & are all set to ring in the new year. And yes, that is a pic of me doing Surya Namaskar at the majestic Grand Canyon at 25F 🥶 during sunset.

I'm so excited to be starting off the new year with my ANNUAL SURYA NAMASKAR/ SUN SALUTATION CHALLENGE. This is my 4th year doing this challenge. The first year of this challenge, I was 7 weeks postpartum and I needed some motivation to begin my postpartum fitness journey. Not only did this help me with my physical body, but it also helped me with my Postpartum anxiety. Ever since, I've been initiating this challenge every year and a lot of you who follow me on Instagram/ Facebook have joined me and reaped amazing benefits.

You can read about the benefits of regular Surya Namaskar practice here

So here's how we are going to go about it:

Every day from Jan 1st through February 19th, we will be doing a listed set (see below) of Surya Namaskaras. You can add more sets if you'd like. It can be used as a warm up for your workout. This is the perfect weight loss exercise for beginners & fitness enthusiasts or simply a great way to start your day and get the blood flowing

I will be going live on Facebook & Instagram on the 20th of February at 7am PST and together we will be doing 108 Surya Namaskars. You are welcome to join me and few others and do as many as you can.

Below is a video of the Surya Namaskar flow that I practice. Feel free to follow along, if you are a beginner. You are also welcome to practice your usual flow as well. There are so many variations of Sun Salutations and there is no right or wrong way of doing it.

Here is your plan:


SUNDAY: Slow flow - 2 sets, hold each pose for 3-5 seconds each

MONDAY: Dynamic flow - 4 sets

TUESDAY: Dynamic flow - 6 sets

WEDNESDAY: Slow flow - 6 sets

THURSDAY: Dynamic flow - 8 sets

FRIDAY: Slow flow + Dynamic flow - 4 sets of slow flow + 10 sets of Dynamic flow


WEEK 2 & 3:

SUNDAY: Slow flow - 4 sets

MONDAY: Dynamic flow - 6 sets

TUESDAY: Dynamic flow - 8 sets

WEDNESDAY: Slow flow - 6 sets

THURSDAY: Dynamic flow - 10 sets

FRIDAY: Slow Flow + Dynamic flow - 4 slow flow + 12 sets of dynamic flow



SUNDAY: Slow flow - 5 sets

MONDAY: Dynamic flow - 8 sets

TUESDAY: Dynamic flow - 9 sets

WEDNESDAY: Slow flow + Dynamic flow - 4 slow flow + 10 dynamic flow

THURSDAY: Dynamic flow - 12 sets

FRIDAY: Slow flow + Dynamic flow - 3 slow flow + 12 dynamic flow


Just grab a good non-slip yoga mat and get started!

Take a pic of yourself before you begin! I want you to compare it with your after pic on Feb 20th. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating clean (Contact me if you need help) and you should see and FEEL changes in your body, mind and spirit!

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for a Surprise Giveaway at the end of the Challenge!

Let's GO!!

Happy New Year!!


Praj 💕

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