"I saw tremendous results including my A1C and cholesterol levels drop to within normal range."


I came to Prajwala at Bright and Light Wellness through a trusted reference and I am so glad I did! I had just been diagnosed with Diabetes and didn’t want to turn to western medication. Prajwala was clear about expectations and the work that would need to be put in, explaining every step with scientific reasoning owing in part to her microbiology background.  With supportive text messages and phone calls in between sessions, she kept up my motivation and was genuinely interested in my success. Within four months of following her holistic approach of realigning my mind, body and spirit, I saw tremendous results including my A1C and cholesterol levels drop to within normal range.  She was truly a cheerleader, a coach and a motivational speaker who met me where I was and took me to where I wanted to be.”

- S. D. 

'I feel good and have gained confidence in myself again"


Praj and I have been great friends for the last 15 years. But our new bond of a wellness coach and client began in August 2018.  

I would like to write this testimonial expressing deep appreciation and admiration towards Praj for bringing awareness about my inner self and body at a very crucial stage of my life. 


I had a few health issues even before I had a child, but the actual struggle began after I delivered my daughter in 2015. But it took me almost 3 years to figure out that I had completely neglected my health while I was taking utmost care of my daughter. I think this is the gravest mistake a new mother makes. 

So, after realizing it’s high time I do something about it, I started looking for options and the first thing that came to my mind was my dearest friend Praj. I thought to myself "why the hell did I not think about it earlier?” Well, better late than never!! 

I started consulting her and within no time I started seeing results and my body started responding to the diet recommended by her. Along with the diet, She also advised me to start exercising and doing yoga and pranayama..which helped me immensely to cope with my health. She guided me through the various aspects of diet and it’s influence on our body and mind. It really enlightened me and helped me realise the importance of a proper diet which keeps our mind and soul happy and peaceful!! 


Till date, whenever I have the tiniest issue, I message her and she is ALWAYS there to help me. I have lost weight, feel more energetic and my back pain is gone. The list is endless. I have started noticing even the smallest sign my body tries to give me. I feel good and have gained confidence in myself again. It’s been a life changing experience for me and I feel lucky to have you as my coach Praj.. thanks for everything!


- Sahana R.

Prajwala has been the guru to me

Being a Performing artist, I strongly believe that you never get anywhere without a guru. Prajwala has been that guru to me and much more when it came to prescribing me the right food,lifestyle, thought process, everything. And it has helped massively. I'm 15 kgs down in 4 and a half months and much more to happen. A nutritionist whom I agree with on everything (since a lot of dieticians just cut down your calories and don't focus on overall health) !! Wasn't easy to find.  I'm immensely thankful. I started the fitness journey many times before in my life but was never able to finish it. But this time, I'm on it hard and will finish it soon with further amazing results. The time and the effort and the money is worth it !

- Moksh

The impactful lifestyle changes she taught me have inspired me for the lifetime!!


Prajwala has a unique holistic approach to wellness which is a perfect blend of modern science and traditional wisdom. She was an amazing coach throughout my pregnancy and post-partum. The impactful lifestyle changes she taught me have inspired me for the lifetime.


I was able to enjoy my pregnancy diet and exercise plan with greater control over mood swings and other pregnancy-related hormonal changes. I was also able to manage my gestational diabetes with strict diet and exercise routines without having to take any insulin. Her consultations included a visit to Whole Foods where she guided me on smart healthy shopping. I was able to gain a healthy weight during pregnancy and also shed a significant amount of weight with the specially designed postpartum diet. Apart from exercise and nutrition, she was my go-to person for any health question which needed a different perspective and understanding of root cause.


A couple of weeks before the due date, she had a longer session which shed light on the traditional Indian approach to postpartum care. Specifically, she had many practical tips on how best to adopt such methods in the American setting. Even in the hospital, I was able to follow her diet plan which aided my breastfeeding during the first days and beyond.


More importantly, she has been a very good friend and confidante. I would highly recommend Prajwala's meticulously designed program for any expecting mom and I can guarantee you will be thankful for signing up. I'll be happy to answer any questions regarding my experience with Prajwala.

Manali D.

Goodbye PMS!!!

I have always been a health-conscious person-eating healthy, exercising regularly, etc. But there was always this issue in my life which was constantly bothering me, and that was my PMS! I suffered for the longest time not knowing what to do. I was put on anxiety medications to help deal with my PMS. That's when I consulted with Praj.

The results have been amazing! I was not only able to control my mood swings and irritability but was also able to get completely off my anxiety meds through her advice on the right kind of foods to eat for my body type. The best part about her is the fact that she was able to understand me as an individual and custom design her programs for me. Not only did she help me with my PMS but also helped design an exercise regime which made me get more fit and toned as well!

Praj has brought in a change in my lifestyle that is both easy and sustainable. Thanks a lot, Praj for being there for me both as my health coach and guide.

Poornima N.

She's not just your health coach — she's your friend!

After more than a year of on/off hand eczema, I was desperate for a solution that could nip this irritating (and sometimes even debilitating) skin condition in the bud. Allopathy and even the occasional home remedy never worked, and I was at my wits' end — quite literally handicapped. In fact, allopathy was just increasing my dependency on steroidal ointments for eczema, making matters much worse. It was only later that I realized the problem could be internal and I should try treating it from the inside-out to see if it was diet-related.

In any case, I had been wanting to visit a nutritionist for a while, but I was skeptical of one who might not understand the typical South Indian vegetarian diet I'm so used to. Around the time my eczema was at its peak at the beginning of this year, I met my new roommate, Chetana, who introduced me to Prajwala.

Though the going was very tough, we embarked on a detox to not only help with my major issue of eczema but also the more minor IBS symptoms I had been living with for years.

I resorted to homeopathy to provide short-term relief for relentless eczema, which was essentially the symptom of underlying food (and climate!) sensitivities and stress. Once we discovered these sensitivities, I followed Prajwala's carefully curated diet for my body type to maintain and aid in long-term recovery. Her diet recommendations were very practical and easy for me to incorporate into my daily routine. We focused on the big picture, working on my overall mental and physical well-being.

A few months down the line, my eczema has subsided to a degree I never thought was possible, and I've almost completely recovered. My IBS symptoms have reduced, as well. Aside from the treatment, it has been lovely getting to know Prajwala. She's not just your health coach — she's your friend. She's so easy to talk to, get along with, provide motivation, and answer your questions, anytime.

Sumitra N.

I feel like a new person!!!

Prajwala offered me her holistic and wellness services after she saw that I had been suffering from a variety of ailments over the course of a few months. Constant sinus infections, ulcers, and allergies had taken a toll of my quality of life and I was desperately seeking help. I was tired of taking antibiotics and other medications whose side-effects did more damage than good. Prajwala carefully observed my lifestyle and made the appropriate health and routine changes that not only taught me how to manage my symptoms but target the root cause of my problems. Thanks, Prajwala for providing me with the tools to have a healthy and happier life!

Sheela N.

Finally, I feel matched. Thank you Prajwala!

I have been referring my friends to Prajwala, after having had the experience of being one of her client's myself. I appreciate the wide range of services offered and that each person's program is tailored to their individual needs and interests, all with a compassionate and educational approach.  Prajwala LISTENS and customizes the program for you, based on your goals and preferences, not on what she thinks you should eat, like most other nutritionists.

The initial consultation is followed by consistent support, which maintains the connection made and keeps the motivation steady. It is great to know that there is something out there that fits me, my lifestyle and food preferences, instead of having to squeeze into a program that doesn't account for my specific situation. Finally, I feel matched. Thank you Prajwala!

Prithvi M.

Very professional and extremely understanding! Talk to her now!

I had a chance to work with Prajwala as my wellness consultant/guru. Prajwala is very professional and extremely understanding of client's needs. I have a very demanding work schedule and she was able to work around it and tailored my meal plan's to make the program very easy for me to follow.

She has great recipes and a huge variety to pick from. She was very kind in making new recipes if the existing ones didn't fit my taste palate.

Her assessment of my vitamin deficiencies was spot on and she helped me identify natural ways to supplement them. I would highly recommend her consultation for happy and healthy well being…..and to top it all is her fun company!!!

Jyothi T.

I would highly recommend Prajwala!

I consulted Prajwala when I was going through a gynecological issue. My OBGYN had recommended surgery amongst other more severe paths of treatment.

Prajwala recommended that I instead look for a holistic line of treatment centered around a healthy diet, suitable for my specific condition. She prescribed a customized diet plan that helped gradually reduce the pain associated with my condition.

She did not stop at just prescribing a diet plan, but also helped me through regular follow-ups, providing healthy alternatives that lead to wise decisions around my food habits.

Thanks to her, I have become a fan of nutritious eating and simply, more aware of how food affects our body. I now think twice before popping any pill as it is likely to exist an alternative by modifications to diet.

Prajwala is a very knowledgeable health coach who provides personal attention to her patients. I would highly recommend her!

Subhagini C.

Great advice! Thanks, Praj!

Talking to her the first time felt very natural and easy. She started giving me advice immediately and they were simple and easy to follow. I started gaining more concentration within a week! Talk to her NOW!

My objective to work with Prajwala was to get on a better path to overall nutrition and shed some weight while we are at it. But focus on long term habits

I got exactly that and much more.

The plan was so gradual that after the first month, I didn’t feel like I was doing anything special but my body is feeling better every day.

I learned to listen to my body, make good food choices, really enjoy the junk cravings from time to time. Her plan is very realistic and very customized to your own lifestyle, food choices and time restrictions

She is very supportive and available to answer any random and silly questions. Highly recommend her.

Swati R. 

Around August of 2017, I reached out to Prajwala after having been exasperated with a host of health problems like digestive issues, food sensitivities, severe eczema, and PMS over and above years of serious spinal issues.

I reached out to several doctors who scared me away with pretty serious diagnoses or very strict diet programs or apathy, not to mention really expensive tests and supplements. Talking to Prajwala at this point was a major source of relief and after listening to her holistic approach, I wholeheartedly decided to follow through. 

Prajwala put me on a 6-month elimination diet which included a lot of whole foods and nutritious additions to my diet but excluded ingredients that I might be sensitive to. The plan was to methodically reintroduce these foods back into my diet and notice symptoms while also giving my digestive system time to heal.

Prajwala came up with a personalized program that suited my lifestyle and was easy to blend into my daily routine. She would frequently evaluate next steps based on my progress and was very understanding and flexible when I couldn’t follow through.

She always made quality time during our sessions and was easily reachable even though she was caring for a newborn. I finally felt that I had the care I needed from an expert who is very empathetic and friendly, a feeling you never get during a 15 min doctor’s appointment. 

The changes I experienced in the next 6-9 months were truly amazing and transformative. My eczema started clearing within a few weeks and was almost healed in 4-5 months. I was able to understand the underlying triggers and was able to make simple adjustments to manage them. A year later, I have no signs of eczema and my skin requires very minimal maintenance. 

My digestive system was finally healing and I was free from gas, bloating and acidity. I was truly amazed at the way my body was naturally recovering from a pretty chronic episode of IBS. Along the way, I uncovered a lot of ingredients that my body was sensitive to like gluten and dairy and I was feeling so much better by temporarily cutting them off. I have gradually introduced these foods back into my diet in moderation without major problems. 

All along, my energy levels soared and my skin cleared. Due to the anti-inflammatory effects of the diet, my aches and pains associated with spinal issues reduced and I also slept better. I effortlessly started losing weight and lost over 15 lbs over 4-5 months. I was especially surprised with how my food cravings reduced and mind you, I used to eat 2-3 cupcakes on a whim! I even noticed improvements in my menstrual cycle. The whole process definitely required an effort but the rewards were truly worth it. 

During this entire phase, Prajwala taught me a lot of things that have been ingrained in my mind forever. I had a true sense of appreciation for my body’s ability to heal itself given the right nutrition and care under the able guidance. She helped me form a harmonious relationship with my body to be able to read it’s signed and respond accordingly with minor but important adjustments. She also inspired me to take an interest in cooking and gave me several ideas to make things easier and efficient. I also keep going back to all the simple but effective home remedies she taught me for things like cold, bloating, cuts, burns and pain, etc. 

Prajwala truly transformed my life and when I look back a year later, I think I'm fitter and more confident person. I am so grateful for everything she’s done for me. You can see that she loves what she does and her passion speaks through her work. All the best to you Praj as you continue to help improve more people’s lives!

Sneha V.

I'm someone who never gives compliments or I'd rather say, "I'm hard to please".

"I’ve been working with Prajwala for just over six months now, what started as a “help me heal my relationship with food” has turned into a deeper engagement.

She came up with a plan of action for me after reviewing all of my medical records very carefully and interviewing me at length and she’s always there making me feel like I was her only client. 

With so much information online about diet, I needed someone that could filter the "noise" and help find what worked for me and Prajwala did just that. She built a program that’s not only helping me reach my goals but taught me a lot along the way. 

She has taught me so much about eating the right foods. She does not get back when I tell her, oh, I had a red wine, one too many glasses. I get encouraged to get back on the right track, but she also understands life happens. 

She is a perfectionist at heart with so much passion for everything she does. She is incredibly knowledgeable and always available to offer help or advice when needed. When communicating she is very professional, yet maintains a friendly disposition.

I like to think of her as my coach or partner in health. She genuinely cares about your health and really wants to work with you to help you have optimal health and happiness. I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate working with her and am looking forward to continuing our path to great health together!!!

I value each session with Prajwala. The more I learn the closer to I get to my goals. I know I have a long way to go."

Div & Raghu